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Real Fans Only! Come early and get in line before your show goes on-sale!

The AXS Waiting Room makes buying tickets fair for all fans. Find your event on AXS before tickets go on sale and enter the AXS Waiting Room for your shot at seats.  Watch a video that explains how it works or check out below for more info. 

AXS Waiting Room 101

  1. Once the AXS Waiting Room for your event is open, sign in or create an AXS account while you wait. You’ll be assigned a random number when you join the Waiting Room; this helps level the playing field for all fans. 
  1. We'll filter out any brokers or bots as we select fans from the AXS Waiting Room queue to enter the purchase flow. 
  1. The Waiting Room page will automatically refresh with access to tickets if you're chosen before the event sells out.

Please note that a place in the Waiting Room does not guarantee the availability of tickets.

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