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Did you know you can go paperless!

With Flash Seats digital tickets, there are no paper tickets and you can quickly enter the event with the Flash Seats Mobile App for iOS or Android, your credit card, or your driver’s license.  You can also transfer tickets to friends.  Please find more specific information below.

After selecting Flash Seats and completing your purchase, the tickets are automatically added to your account on and within the Flash Seats mobile app.  If you do not already have a Flash seats account, then one is automatically created for you.  If you do not have the password, then please visit to reset your password.

Your Flash Seats Mobile ID is the most convenient way to enter events.  We suggest you go through the following steps before you arrive at the venue

  1. Simply download the Flash Seats app for iPhone ( or Android (
  2. Sign in to your Flash Seats account in the mobile app
  3. As you approach the entrance, open the app and click “mobile ID” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Show the Mobile ID to the gate attendant who will scan it for entry.

You can also enter the event with the credit card used to purchase the tickets.  If you do not have a mobile device or are unable to download the Flash Seats app, then simply bring your credit card to the event and the gate attendant will swipe your card for entry.

You can also enter the event with a Driver’s License, but you must first go to and add the Driver’s License to your account.  Please note – only driver’s licenses from Ohio, California, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are supported.  We strongly suggest you use the Mobile ID or Credit Card used to purchase the tickets.

Please note – when you enter the venue with Flash Seats, the entire party must be present.  So if you bought 4 tickets, then you must have the other 3 people with you to enter the event.

Can’t attend the event?  You can easily transfer Flash Seats to another individual.  Login to your account, view the tickets, and select transfer.



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