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For cancelled events: credit card purchases will be automatically refunded to the credit card used for purchase* within approximately 5-7 business days of the cancellation announcement. Those who purchased from the venue box office with cash must take their tickets to the box office during normal business hours to receive a refund. 

For postponed events: look for an email from AXS with information about the new date and what your options are. Typically, you can either use your tickets at the rescheduled date or you can receive a refund if you cannot attend the new date. 

*Please note that we cannot submit the refund to an alternate card. If your credit card changed numbers since you made the purchase this should not impact your ability to receive the refund. If you no longer have an account with the same credit card provider, please notify us at :


Same Day Refund Requests:

Event Greater Than Today:

Please include order number, venue, email address , and last four numbers of card of purchase. 



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